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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Really big ones....

Gore Vidal, Vikram Seth, Alexander McCall Smith, Jung Chang.

Enough to make you pack your books in bags. I recommend you should.

There are so many others I want to hear.

Kamila Shamsie, Tishani Doshi, Tim Severin, Jeet Thayil, Chikki Sarkar...It's a long-list.

So many friends to meet....
Libby, Geoffrey, Seetha, Nury, Manuka, Elmo, John.

Blog friends shall move into real life. It'll all happen next week.

There's still some time to go, go ahead, book the tickets, grab the bags, some festivals are simply worth repeating.

The Galle Lit Fest it is, the dates - 16th-20th Jan. Here's hoping you will be there. I would very much like to say hello.