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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The curtains came down on the fabulous Celebrating India week with a chat with Indian icon Sharmila Tagore on Saturday.

There was nostalgia in the air and a tinge of regret. I'd worked on a week long special, interviews were planned, researched, then thrown out of the window, often coz the schedules didn't match.

But what a week it turned out to be (more posts are on the way). The bullishness about India was to be seen everywhere, right from the opening dinner to the art exhibition to theatre, dance and movies.

And if you are still wondering if the optimism is warranted, here are some thoughts to put all doubts at rest.

The pick of the best from the IBEF website:

"Like people study political science, culture, public health, economics, law and medicine, students in Harvard will now study India as a subject."
Lawrence Summers, President, Harvard University

"Our (India and US) relations ship has never been better. We will work together. There is no limit to what we can achieve."
George W Bush, US President

"India has a fantastic pool of software professionals. The world needs to benefit from this."
Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft

"The dynamism shown by India in the last 15 years is phenomenal."
Paul Wolfowitz, President, World Bank

"Never were our relations ever more exciting."
Tony Blair, British Prime Minister of Britain

"Today, there is a greater willingness internationally to work with India -- and to build relationships of mutual benefit."
Dr Manmohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister

"I believe India could be the fastest growing economy in the world one day. It would be foolish for Virgin not to embrace India."
Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Atlantic Airways

"Ratan Tata's $14.3 billion family conglomerate is a picture of what was and is India Inc."

"We want to bring to the world various facets of this extraordinary country, its people and progress"
Chris Cramer, International Managing Director, CNN