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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Her signature style is uncluttered yet stunning. Her label - closely associated with style, innovation and impeccable sensibility. In fact, many critics say it captures the 'very heartbeat of fashion' by bringing the best of the East and the West in an intricate embrace.

Having honed her skills at the world renowned fashion house, 'Polo Ralph Lauren', Ranna Gill today owns boutiques in Mumbai and New Delhi and her collection retails at stores in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, the Middle East and even Turkey!

Quite an achievement for someone who had it all in the US but left it to draw inspiration for her designs from the wonder that is India.

She has just wrapped up her show at the Wills India Fashion Show, got on to the next flight to Singapore to be a part of 'Celebrating India'. And no sooner has she landed that she is in the studio to do yet another live interview. Now, if you didn't know all of that, it would be impossible to tell that this talented young designer has spent a couple of sleepless nights.

Her energy is boundless, her take on the resurgent Indian economy spot on, her dismissal of critics simply proves she just takes everything in her stride. And her pitch for her own brand makes her even more endearing. Asked about the three must haves in a modern woman's wardrobe, she starts off "A Ranna Gill top, a pair of nice jeans and dream shoes."

Just the thing you need, before you go looking for her designer threads which retail in Singapore at the high end design store Mumbai Se.

Be sure to get your hands on one of them soon, 'coz Ranna isn't in the habit of repeating herself. She's gone from kaftans to gypsy skirts to her latest collection "Elizabeth" - through which she conjured a Victorian look.

Another new look is being worked on - though what it is, remains a tightly guarded Ranna secret... at least for now.