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Monday, April 03, 2006


There are places you visit and they never go away. I've been to Bali thrice, to Ubud twice. And this October, it will be trip number three to Ubud. I just can't seem to get enough of the paddy fields, the fabulous art work, the warmth, the food and just about everything else that is part of the package that is Ubud.

The biggest attraction though is Janet and Ketut's fabulous Honeymoon Guesthouse. It makes any trip to the island paradise well worth it. The pool comes treated with sea salts, the food is mind blowing, as are the settings. Imagine tucking into a Balinese paella right smack with the sights of Mt Agung for company. Then there is the most awesome brownie that comes stashed with dollops of vanilla ice-cream. Visions of the treat come to mind, so I have to leave you with some pictures.

And I'm not saying all of this, because Janet is a pal. Of course that helps, but when you create something like the Honeymoon Guesthouse, Casa Luna and Indus in Ubud, even the foes would have something nice to say.

It's all child friendly, so if you have you have appetite whetted, your bags packed, do check out - - before you make your next booking at Bali.

There's also the Writers Fest coming up end September - if you need two good reasons to visit Ubud this year -