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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Enough ink has been spilt on this. The MMS has done the rounds. It's made Prime Time News - surely there are better things to talk about in India - but that's quite another story!

One would have thought the offending video would be taken off web links. No such thing. It stays. Guess at the end of the day, its the eyeballs that count.

So as the moment lives on, as law makers start discussing obscenity in fashion shows, here are my thoughts on the woman caught in that state of undress.

She is brave. Many would have walked right back if their shirts came undone. Carol held it with her hands, kept a straight face, walked as if nothing had really happened. Some reports say she broke down the minute she got off the ramp - so can we please put those conspiracy theories to rest.

And while many were happily clicking away, hoping for another wardrobe malfunction, Carol was back in another outfit to walk the ramp again. I salute your spirit, Carol. GRACIAS.