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Monday, July 09, 2007


The girl
Have you seen that girl?
Which one?
The one with the big eyes?
You mean the one who can't walk?
Can't walk, what are you saying, she is only limping.

That limp
She'd got a new bike. She'd never been on one. Her friend persisted, she took her for the ride. Barely were they on their way, than they hit the stretch of sand. Before the moped got stuck, her leg was on the silencer, sizzling with the heat of the darn engine.

Things would have been alright, she would have walked faster if only she knew the uses of Savlon. That the stuff the doc had asked her to use was meant to be diluted. So the wound sizzled yet again, this time with the Savlon, the scar got bigger, the limp worse, she covered it well, only the hobble showed. That's all the guy saw.

The guy
A streak of bleach in the 90's was bound to speak. Neon coloured T-shirts were bound to stand out. A bobbing Adam's apple, a wiry frame made him distinct. He walked in, brimming with that bob, ready to take on the Luddites. He was noticeable darting from one PC to another, with a bunch of subs following his trail with a load of expletives starting with 'bloody computers'. Who knew.

The computer
She was hired - the young one - to figure out that bloody machine. It wasn't easy but rejection is easy when you've just about turned 20. Headlines
disappeared into cyberspace, sub-heads failed to appear, the para idents never showed up. She wanted to shout, yet she refrained. She punched her frustration into yet another feature.

A feature
Saw them bumping. She'd interviewed a glass artist, the pictures were perfect, a reflection it was. She was rushing, there was a deadline looming. He saw those shots, he wanted one of those, he asked if he could buy one. She had a better option, meet the artist, then pick the best piece. It was all fixed, set in stone you see.

The lunch
She waited and waited. 30 minutes later, she was off, he hadn't shown up. They didn't see each other again for sometime. Then another accidental bump. She asked him what happened.
Actually I went to your place, I was a little late.
I needed to get some money.

It broke her heart. Like these things always do. She wanted to make up for it.

The movie
The Editor occasionally dispatched her to the movies. She had an extra ticket, she asked him out. Then she waited and she waited, no sign of him again. After the interval, he emerged.
Got stuck, you know.
She knew, weren't they at the other ends of the same newsroom?
He was quiet, then he startled rattling off, here's what next.
How do you know?
I've seen the movie?
Then why didn't you say so?

The beginnings
They are always like that.

It's another year, so many interludes later. It's time again to remember all the good stuff, to celebrate another special day, to join me as I wish him Happy Birthday, Shets.

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