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Monday, July 24, 2006


This is one story we all want to hear. After all, who hasn't made their road trip without that battered copy of their Lonely Planet. The internet might have truly revolutionised searches, simplified travel plans, but nothing beats the sheer joy of thumbing through a beat up copy of one's Lonely Planet.

What's fascinating about Lonely Planet is the story that spawned the successful publishing phenomena that it is today. If you have wondered how two backpackers with 27 cents to their names end running a multi-national company that ranks as the most successful travel publishing business on the planet, then you've got to hear from Tony and Maureen Wheeler.

Their story began when they arrived in Sydney on Boxing Day in 1972 after a six month Asia overland trip from Europe. In late 1973 they started Lonely Planet Publications to publish 'Across Asia on the Cheap', the story of their trip from London to Australia.

From that self-published guidebook, grew Lonely Planet as we know it today. It has more than 500 titles in print. Even though, they have spawned an enormously successful business, both Tony and Maureen take time out to spend at least six months travelling.

Their road trips will soon have them in our sunny shores, so watch this space for more of their not so Lonely Tales.