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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


How often have you heard that voice? The one that belongs to that lovable three and a half year old dude on Sesame Street. Yes, Elmo.

Now for the trick question.
How often have you been able to put it down to the voice of a 45 year old?

You read that right! A 45 year old voicing for someone who'll forever be three and a half.

Impossible? Not quite. The amazingly talent Kevin Clash has been doing that since he came on board Sesame Street, which he gamely admits was "many moons ago."

He laughs at his own ability, "the Peter Pan Syndrome", takes us on a joy ride when his daughter wants to speak to Dad/Elmo in the same breath.

It sure has been a long journey for Kevin who always wanted to be a puppeter. In fact, he started making puppets by helping himself to his father's wardrobe. Now, there may a whole research, design, production department helping him live each day, doing what he loves.

Love, it has to be. How else does Being Elmo and co-producing show result in not one or two but NINE Emmys.

That's quite an achievement for a puppet no less. So, if you are wondering - can a book be far behind? Let me assure you - it isn't.

Kevin has signed a major book deal with Broadway Books to write an inspirational book for adults.

What's it about? Hmmm... the lessons that the three year olds around us can teach us of course.

Seriously, it's titled 'What Elmo Taught Me' and will draw upon this Baltimore man's unique experience as a parent, master puppeter and performer whose work has enchanted millions around the world.

Having met Kevin/Elmo, Elmo/Kevin and flitting through his on-screen and off-screen personas, I can't wait for that. I'd suggest you don't too. The book will hit shelves around the world later this year.