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Friday, August 11, 2006


There was lots of sand, sea but almost no sun. After having packed, then unpacked some of my winter woolies, I was doomed to spend some of my days packed to the brim in three T-shirts, two sweaters, another jacket, which almost appeared to be bursting at its arm sleeves with all those clothes packed under it. Here we were in Bryon Bay, where some folks say "it never gets that cold." We lived to survive a couple of windy days and nights to discover the real beauty of Byron Bay.

It's on the eastern most tip of Australia in the northern New South Wales coastal region, where the lush hinterland meets the stunning Pacific Ocean.

Bound by famous Cape Byron, it has just about everything for the beach lover, though it isn't quite your average small town. Yes, that vintage rail track survives sans the trains, the train station still stands proud. There is only one traffic light in all of Bryon Bay. You drive left, you can drive right once you are past Ewingsdale exit and you will spot your only light on the way to the lighthouse.

The only signals are ones dictated by a show of the hand. Everyone in Byron Bay believes in giving you way, you don't have to pretend the kids are not yours - even when you enter the finest restaurants, folks smile, ask how you are doing, what your day's been like. I was truly stumped in my tracks through out the week. It's not for nothing that they call this 'Australia's premiere lifestyle retreat.' Beyond the place, it's the people who truly make it an indulgence for the senses.